Hidden within, beneath and behind the surface landmarks of Los Angeles lurks a world of mystery and imagination, of fact and fiction—a world we walk and drive past everyday without seeing. Agama sought out this world. Track his journey and you may see differently too. Listen…Look…Imagine…

Tracking Agama is a game played with your cell phone that takes place in and around Downtown Los Angeles. Explore and investigate various locations, from Union Station to the Central Library, to uncover clues and unlock the keys to a mysterious narrative.

Track Agama’s path as he investigates the hidden realities of LA – through his blog, voicemail, and text messages.


Players start at Agama’s blog, a repository for his research surrounding the horror screenplay he is working on. At the blog, players learn much about Agama’s back-story, and also are introduced to a new character that prompts them to start the search for his missing friend Agama by unlocking the secrets hidden in Agama’s personal voicemail system. From there, the player is taken around downtown Los Angeles trying to solve the mystery of Agama’s disappearance.