Immersed in the mixed reality world of YOKAI, you check into your Tokyo Airbnb to find a Zashiki Warashi, an otherworldly roommate that you must engage and befriend to bridge her world and yours.  This particular Yokai is a mischievous house spirit that will attract good fortune and wealth to a household if she is happy – or devastation and ruin if she is crossed. The experience is viewed through a Microsoft HoloLens that merges the spirit world with the settings of a traditional Japanese household where interactions are triggered through a set of NFC tagged props.  

Producer/Director - Scott Fisher
Story and Interaction Design - Scott Fisher & Maryyann Landlord
Modeling and Animation  - Maryyann Landlord
Production Design - Maryyann Landlord & Scott Fisher
Sound Design - Crystal Chan
Software Engineering and Hardware Design - Satrio Dewantono
3D Printing - Biayna Bogosian
Japan Cultural Advisors - Kojiro Umezaki,  Matt Alt & Hiroko Yoda
Sound Advisors: Kojiro Umezaki, Bethany Sparks
Project supported by the USC Mobile & Environmental Media Lab, Scott Fisher Director.